For decades I.S.S. Industrial & Ship Services BV has built bespoke low voltage switch panels for heating installations for industrial and marine applications. The switch panels are made according to fit the demands of the client. Developing a switch panel starts by discussing the requirements of the system with the client. Based on this drawings and cable schedules are developed by our engineers. After the drawings and schedules are adjusted to the preferences of the client, the switch panels are built in our workshop. To ensure a high quality and a long lifespan, we work with high-quality products from for example Schneider and Siemens are used inside the switch box.

Based on the requirements of the operators, it is possible to either use a conventional operating or to use a Human Machine Interface (HMI) touch screen. Both operating systems have their advantages and disadvantages. The conventional operating system, that uses LED indicators, switches and push buttons, is easy to use and does not require any knowledge about computers. In contrast, the HMI touch screen allows us to build a more compact switch panel. It also allows us to show the operator more detailed monitoring information about the system.

When the switchboard is ready, our engineers test the switchboard on site. It is possible to perform witness testing, so that certificates form the major classification societies, like ABS, Lloyd’s, DNV, RINA or BV, can be obtained. When the switchboard has passed our strict quality controls, it is possible to install the switch box, to commission the system and to provide training to the operators on how to use the switchboard.