Due to the current condition of the boiler system or due to a mismatch between the specifications of the current system and the demands of the operator, it can be necessary to require an upgrade of the boiler system. Our team can assist you in the decision to decide which parts of the current boiler system will need to be replaced or refurbished, depending on the new requirements. During this design process, we pay attention to crucial design aspects such as cost efficiency, environmental concerns and product lifespan.

After agreeing on the new design of the boiler system, we will use our experience working with marine boiler systems to remove (part of) the old boiler system and replace this with the new, upgraded equipment. If desired, they will refurbish parts of the outdated system to avoid excess costs and unnecessary waste. After configuring and fine-tuning the new, upgraded boiler system, it is possible to train the operators to operate and maintain the boiler system. 

Both individuals and governments are more concerned about the effect of combustion systems on the environment. Therefore, it might be necessary to upgrade or convert the current boiler system on your vessel to conform to the current environmental regulations. Our engineering team is capable to design a new boiler system that considers environmental concerns. Examples of the possible solutions are the changeover to a different, less polluting type of fuel, the reduction of the amount of fuel that the system uses and the reduction and removal of exhaust gasses. Based on the environmental demands and the specifications that are needed to fulfill the job of the boiler system, we will design and install a new boiler system for your vessel.