boiler maintenance service

To extend the lifetime of the boiler system as a whole and of the parts that it is made of, it is beneficial to perform regular maintenance checks. By performing regular checkups of the boiler system, it is possible to detect and repair minor impairments, like erosion of the system or undesirable configurations. This way minor, often not noticeable, issues can be resolved before they lead to more substantial problems that carry high costs to solve.

When our service engineers perform a maintenance check, they will examine the condition of the system. During the check, the service engineers will for example, examine the performance and condition of combustion equipment check the working of the sensors that monitor the system, perform pressure tests and test the working of valves. Based on the results of the examination the service engineers will, together with you, decide if some parts will need to be replaced, recalibrated, refurbished or cleaned.

Another advantage of performing regular maintenance checks is that it is possible to calibrate and configure the system. This way it is possible to adjust the working of the boiler system to changes in for example season and workload. The result of this is that the system will work in a reliable, energy and cost efficient way.