Repair Service: Repair of the Inert Gas System of Smit Sinus Gas Systems

During this project on an inert gas system of Smit Sinus Gas Systems the inert gas system was repaired.

cover, inert gas burner
The cover of the inert gas burner.
burner cone, gas burner
The burner cone for the inert gas burner.
inner gas, cooling chamber
The inert gas cooling chamber.
burner, inert gas, cooling chamber
The burner with the inert gas cooling chamber.
burner chamber, inert gas
The leaking burner chamber of the inert gas system.
inert gas, burner chamber
The burner chamber of the inert gas system.
switchpanel, inert gas system
The switchpanel of the inert gas system.
burner cover, inert gas
The burner cover of the inert gas system.
pneumatic control valve
The pneumatic control valve for inert pressure.
micro-ratio valve, mason corporation
The micro-ratio valve of Maxon Corporation.

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    HUSSEIN AHMAD WAKED (Thursday, 27 February 2020 09:09)

    Hello, my name is Hussein Ahmad Waked Director of NHK-COMEX, a company based in Brazil.
    I inform that we own two inert gas generating units manufactured by Wartsila moss, year 2015, are new equipment,

    Fabricante: Wartsila
    Capacidade de Produção de Gás Inerte: 9.000 m³/h
    Pressão de Projeto: 0,3 bar (g)


    We have both skid mounted generators and spare parts stored in original wooden boxes.

    The equipment is stored in RIO GRANDE, a port city in the extreme south of Brazil, 450 km from Porto Alegre.

    The equipment is properly nationalized and with all taxes and fees paid, and can be used in some project in Brazil and can also be exported.

    The equipment was imported for 7,000,000 euros FOB,by the Ecovix-engevix consortium, GUARA B.V

    Our company is interested in selling both equipments for a total value of 180.000 (one hundred and eighty thousand) euroseuros. Depending on the buyer's profile we can facilitate the payment after checking its reputation in the market.

    one hundred and eighty thousand

    Please kindly answer me this email, below follow the information of our company and our contact telephone via whatssap, for more information and proposals please contact us.

    Nova Hong Kong imp exp
    Av senador queiros 96 cj 110
    Zip 010 26 000
    São Paulo -sp Brazil

    C.N.P.J 17.521.573/0001-63

    Call +551194821 4714