Conversion Project: Replacement of Outdated Electric Controllers


The service engineers have replaced the viscosity controller and the temperature and flow controllers of a high fuel oil heating system. The system was Gekakonus build, with the characteristic red burner motor and the red burner cover. The system was controlled by various switch panels, with outdated electric controllers. The existing controllers were replaced by I.S.S. build electric viscosity, temperature and flow controllers. These controllers are made primarily to replace Wiesloch and Aalborg electric controllers, but can also be used to replace other types of controllers. The old viscosity controller in this system was made by VAF Instruments and could be replaced by one of the I.S.S. electric controllers.

Gekakonus, burner motor, burner cover
The Gekakonus burner motor and the burner cover.
VAF instruments, switch panel, viscosity controller, electric controller
The old switch panel composition with a VAF Instruments electric viscosity controller.
electric temperature controller, electric flow contoller, switch panel
The switch panel with the new I.S.S. electric temperature and flow controllers.
electric controller, replacement, switch panel, viscosity controller
The upgraded switch panel with a new I.S.S. made electric viscosity controller.
temperature controller, flow controller, electric controller, switch panel
The upgraded switch panel with I.S.S. made temperature and flow controllers.
switch panel upgrade
The upgraded set of switch panels.