Maintenance Project: Inspection of the HTI-GESAB Thermal Oil System on an Oil Tanker

The service engineers of I.S.S. Industrial & Ship Services BV have performed a service inspection of the HTI-GESAB made thermal oil system on board of the oil tanker Straitview. The switch box, with Wiesloch alarm units and HTI-GESAB electric controllers, was tested. The service engineers also examined the status of the rest of the boiler system, including the different sensors, the burner motor and the burner chamber.

oil tanker, straitview
The oil tanker the "Straitview".
The vessel worked on a HTI-GESAB system.
 Inspection Thermal Oil System HTI-GESAB
burner chamber, inspection
The inside of the burner chamber was inspected.
electric controllers, wiesloch, HTI GESAB, switch box, alarm units
The front panel of the switch box, with Wiesloch alarm units and HTI-GESAB electric controllers.
HTI-GESAB, electric controller, switch box
The front panel of the switch box, showing two HTI-GESAB electric controllers.
butterworth heater, HTI GESAB, electric controller, secondary system
The HTI-GESAB electric controllers for the butterworth heater and the secondary system.