Maintenance Project: An Inspection of the Thermal Oil System of the Floragracht

During this inspection, the service engineers found that the booster unit had to be modified and that the exciting controller had to be renewed. The old VAF Instruments viscosity controller was replaced by a new KFM viscosity controller.

cargo ship, floragracht
The cargo ship the "Floragracht".
thermal oil system, HMI
The HMI system that is used to control the thermal oil system.
gekakonus, burner motor
The burner motor of Gekakonus.
VAF Instruments, electric controller
The front of the switch panel before maintenance, showing a VAF Instruments controller.
fron panel, switch panel, KFM controller, alarm panel, viscosity controller
The repaired front of the switch panel with a KFM viscosity controller, a alarm panel and LED indicators.